About the Author

My love affair with romance novels began at I was twelve. I was at a discount bookstore in my hometown and saw Julie Garwood’s ‘The Prize’ for 30% off. The cover drew me in; it was colorful and sparkly. The story entranced me. Soon, I’d read her entire backlist. She made me feel, and I craved that.

Characters became my best friends. Alternative worlds became a reliable coping mechanism. In high school, I stayed up all night reading and skipped school the next day, hiding in my bedroom so my parents didn’t know I was truant. Don’t judge me…a little subterfuge is necessary for pursuing a passion!

In college, I fell under the spell of ‘writing is not a career, do something more reliable,’ and pursued psychology. Luckily, there’s no such thing as a wasted education (not that my student loans would agree—eeep!). Throughout this time, I kept feeding my reading obsession. I collected books like the curator of a library. I knew, in the back of my mind, I was supposed to be writing about characters finding each other and overcoming adversity.

When my father died in 2008, my priorities became clear. Life was too short. Damn the consequences (and low paycheck!). Thus started my bumbling path in the pursuit of creating stories.

My obsession with science fiction shows such as Star Trek, Stargate, and Battlestar Galactica inspired stories about space aliens and other worlds. My first novel ‘The Flare’ is about a young alien woman escaping tyranny on her home planet with the help of a sexy earthling.

An obsession with all the sexiness that is Benjamin Burnley (lead singer of Breaking Benjamins) led me to rock star romance.

On a personal note, I am married and a mother to two very naughty pugs and four very sweet guinea pigs. When I’m not reading or writing I am snuggling.