Heather E. Andrews

Rockstar Romance Writer

Innocent in Istanbul

A Vagabond Romance

She was looking for history but found her future....”

One glance at the gala. One dance around the floor. One night of passion.

 She lost her innocence in Istanbul….

Celia had finally arrived in the magical city—Istanbul. Halfway through her internship at the museum, she discovered a world-changing archaeological find—a career-maker that would change what’s historically understood about Istanbul.

Then, without warning, authorities shut down her dig.

Deniz had finally greased enough palms to get the land he wanted. Now he could build the most architecturally advanced hotel in Istanbul––and prove to his father that he was ready to take the reins to Kemal Industries, his family’s real estate empire.

But then it happened––a beautiful face he thought he’d never see again stormed into his office, making demands and flipping his world upside down…

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